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In these cases, by extracting the BSA into a set of loose files, the ESP will no longer be needed.In order to maximize compatibility and reduce possible engine trouble associated with a high number of ESPs, it is useful to eliminate these files whenever possible.I've been meaning to do an in-depth study of That's fine, I didn't mean to initiate an "all hands to battle stations" alert, just curious.As stated elsewhere, I missed that recommendation in the wiki about enabling it, sorry about that, and have run Skyrim without back-dated BSAs with no issues that I have seen.Since everyone else I assume has them back-dated it is probably clear that it makes no problems with it enabled.

I wonder if this new setting is capable of loading BSAs in a different manner.When the "Extract BSA" prompt appears when installing a mod, simply click Mods with resources (e.g.textures and scripts) can use either a BSA or loose files for these resources.In other words, let's say the High Resolution Texture Pack BSAs are dated 1/1/2015 and you install a texture pack containing loose files in which the textures are all dated 1/1/2014.In this case, Skyrim won't use loose files in the texture pack.

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And no, I do not have Automatic Archive Invalidation checked in Mod Organizer, and it definitely made a difference.

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